Be Sun Smart Survey Results

You gave us feedback on sunscreen during the November Survey, the graphs below indicate some of the results from the 46 respondents. Thank you for your time to complete this survey and giving us valuable information.

86% of the respondents indicated signs of visible sun damage, this number is very high, but it is not surprising. On some level most people present with various signs of sun damage, this can be identified all over the body, but the most bothersome place is commonly the face (more specifically around the eyes and cheek area), neck and décolleté.

When treating sun damage, and more importantly preventing it, applying sunscreen is of vital importance! It is thus a good sign that 72% respondents apply a good SPF daily, in the morning and before going out into the sun! It is important to know that your SPF should be applied 20minutes before you go out for the day, and that inside UVA light is just as damaging as external UVB exposure. Make sure you apply your SPF through all seasons, both when being in- and out-doors.

UVA rays, cause Ageing and are emitted from office lights and computer screen. You are exposed to UVB rays when being outside, and these rays cause Burning (redness of the skin, sun damage and potentially skin cancer).

If you are a very active and outdoor orientated individual, it is good to know that you can increase your skin protection with an internal supplement. A brilliant product to use in addition to your topical SPF is Heliocare’s Oral capsules, which contain an exclusive combination of Phytomolecules that together produce antioxidants activity against free-radicals induced by ultraviolet radiation, particularly UVA.

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