What's the deal with Vitamin D3?

What's the deal with Vitamin D3?

For so long we've been told that just with a sun-exposed lifestyle, the "sunshine vitamin" floods into our system, building strong bones and helping the body fight infection. That may be where the mystery and confusion around getting essential Vitamin D3 comes from.

Modern lifestyles and being far more conscious about protective sunscreen application could be why natural levels of this super nutrient are declining in the body. Are you spending less time indoors thanks to longer working hours? Are you far more careful when it comes to sun exposure? We at Skin Renewal understand entirely – and support - the latter! These are just two circumstances where the body is perhaps not being hit with as much Vitamin D3 as it needs. Now, while it's crucial to keep very sun-safe, it's still essential to ensure your Vitamin D3 is optimal. Why? Read on… 

Body of Work

Vitamin D is a hormone precursor, meaning it's a signal to regulate a host of functions within the body. Therefore it pretty much affects every system. If you're not getting enough and running on empty, you'll feel tired, sluggish, struggle to sleep, and even start to gain weight. This isn't licensed to lie in the sun for hours. But rather motivation to treat the issue from the inside out. While Vitamin D3 gets produced in your skin in response to sunlight, it's also equally attainable as a fat-soluble nutrient from food like egg yolks, oily fish and red meat. If you're not getting enough from your diet – or perhaps you're vegetarian or vegan – then the first step is to have a blood diagnostic analysis done. And that's where we can help. 

Under Investigation 

This type of blood work means your Skin Renewal medical aesthetic doctor can adequately determine imbalances not only in your vitamin levels but your hormones, minerals and nutraceuticals too. After lab work comes back, your doctor can investigate the results, and if anything is falling short – like in the case of Vitamin D3 – supplementation can be prescribed. What's the advantage of taking oral high potency Vitamin D3? Immune system and antioxidant support, as well as help with keeping bones strong. 

Fight Club

It's not just your bones that are kept resilient; Vitamin D3 also helps heart and brain health. And then there are the benefits of reducing inflammation in the body. Research indicates it may be beneficial for fighting inflammatory diseases as the nutrient is a well-known immune booster. In other words, think of supplementing with Vitamin D3 as part of your foundational wellness and vitality nutraceutical plan – especially at this time of extra support needed for immunity. 

Are you feeling ready to check out your Vitamin D3 levels? Remember, our medical aesthetic team are here to help you on your journey to improved health. Make feeling well and strong a priority – it's ours too. 

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