Will you be my valentine?

Will you be my valentine?

There was a time when the thought of being asked to be his Valentine would send shivers down your spine and make your toes curl right inside your best Jimmy Choo shoes. So perhaps these days it doesn’t give you quite as much exhilaration as in those days, but it is still awesome to feel wanted and desirable at any age. In fact, I don’t care if you are ninety, it is always nice to be appreciated because it sends good hormones and feelings to the right spots and it makes your cheeks flush, improves your looks, your mood and your day.

It is not as if you are completely averse to Valentine’s Day, but the expectations are slightly lower than what they used to be and if your partner has been yours for a long time, well, you have gotten used to him. He has seen your entire repertoire, good and bad and there’s not a lot you can do to impress him that he hasn’t seen before. This does not mean you can’t have fun, even if menopause has dimmed the lights a bit.


The dreaded M-word does have some negative symptoms that interfere with intimacy and intercourse and some of these are a loss of sensation combined with a lower response to stimulus which probably results in a rather dry vagina. If pain is experienced during intercourse, combined with a lower sexual desire, it doesn’t augur well for a healthy sex life. Not the right combination for fun in the bedroom, but help is at hand.

3D Female Rejuvenation

To help put the sizzle back in the bedroom you should make an appointment at your Skin and Body Renewal clinic where they have specialised carboxy therapy that will help with vaginal rejuvenation. It consists of five to six microinjections of carbon dioxide in this area to stimulate new tissue growth and new capillaries. The body perceives the carbon dioxide as a lack of oxygen and sends blood with oxygen to the area hence stimulating the growth of new capillaries. The result is a better blood supply, improved circulation and this restores the function of the tissues.

As it is a rather sensitive treatment, carboxy therapy is done by a qualified medical doctor. A person’s medical history and blood tests are done first to assess viability and if all is in order, the procedure can proceed. It only takes about 15 minutes per treatment and a series of six to eight weekly treatments are recommended, with a follow up of one to two monthly treatments thereafter.

I must add as well that this treatment is not only for menopausal symptoms, but can improve female sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence and even symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


Carboxy therapy is safe and has been widely used for over 70 years for medical and aesthetic reasons. Each treatment has a cumulative effect and what has been observed is an improved cosmetic appearance as tissue regains its plumpness and overall tone and functionality.

In addition there is less stress incontinence (you can pick up things and strain without a hint of a leak), urgency (have to go NOW) and there is less dryness and more lubrication. A very real benefit has also been that patients have reported a lower incidence of thrush because of pH acidification.

More importantly is the reported improved sensation to the area, a higher libido and possibly heightened orgasm. With all that renewed energy generated in the bedroom as a result, menopause can become a minor irritation in your life.

Labial Rejuvenation

From menopause onwards, fewer hormones are produced and this could result in atrophy and degradation of the tissues around the vaginal area as well as the labia. Dermal fillers can be used to plump up the vulval area, restoring a youthful look and feel.

As always, the best news has been left for last. If your partner has a problem called erectile dysfunction that is not supposed to be mentioned in polite company, I can whisper here that a very similar therapy, with the same kind of results are available for men as well. Partners can both go for carboxy therapy and this should really put the sizzle back in your life.

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