Everything you need to know about Stretch Marks

Everything you need to know about Stretch Marks

There’s a certain type of scar that isn’t caused by a nasty cut or injury. A natural phenomenon, stretch marks leave a noticeable dent on the skin, and while they aren’t the result of an accident, they still need treatment to help counteract their visibility. But what causes these pesky lines? Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about stretch marks and how to treat them. 

Up & Down

At Skin Renewal, we know that your body goes through various changes as you age; it naturally expands and contracts in a beautiful and harmonious way. Pregnancy is just one example of how the body moves with your life’s transformation. But as growth happens, so stretch marks may appear. This is because as the skin gives way (like with a baby bump), the abrupt change causes collagen and elastin to rupture. As the skin tries to heal itself, stretch marks – noticeably reddish-purple – appear. Fluctuating hormones are also known to play a role, so stretch marks and pregnancy are often familiar bedfellows. But it’s not always a done deal; your genes can dictate your stretch mark state. So if Mom or Dad didn’t suffer, it might be likely you don’t either. 

Don’t Blame Baby 

Got stretch marks and never birthed a child? That’s perfectly normal! If you had a rapid growth spurt in puberty (remember what we said about hormones?), your skin might have a reminder of that time. If you ever lost or gained weight rapidly, there’s a chance your stretch marks are from that period. And ditto if you’re dedicated to working out and were weight training when you experienced hurried muscle growth. Unfortunately, fast changes in the body’s size and hormonal levels play tricks on you and can be culprits. 

Treat Don’t Cheat

Finding a complete resolution for your stretch marks may require a hard work approach. Our highly skilled team at Skin Renewal understands that no single treatment type may remove them quickly and effortlessly when it comes to this type of scarring. Early intervention is a must; in other words, there’s no trick over treat here. Start the rejuvenation process as soon as possible if you’d like to see the best results. We’d love to talk to you more about Carboxytherapy, which not only helps with cellulite reduction but improves collagen content in the skin, so that stretch marks look less noticeable.  

Carboxy for Beginners 

If a treatment such as carboxytherapy sounds like the body overhaul your skin needs, know that it also helps with lymph drainage and circulation. Why? Able to work on resistant fat and its reduction, a high volume therapy such as this works deep within to break up fat cells, stimulate new vessels and rejuvenate the skin. 

For this reason, it’s such a good helper with hard-to-treat issues like cellulite and stretch marks; it labours deep within the skin to boost tone and texture. Also, take note of therapies such as Laser Genesis, Dermapen skin needling and Mesotherapy of Dermaheal growth factors, all available at Skin Renewal and all known to be part of an effective stretch mark solution to beautifully smooth skin.

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Don’t let the sight of stretch marks cause you to stress – there is a way back to an even-toned body, especially if you take action fast! Even an at-home treatment product – an effective way to start tackling your stretch marks – is a real skin saver. Skin Renewal Cellulite Gel means more benefits than just dealing with that orange-peel effect. The powerful blend of active ingredients is a smart way to increase blood circulation (for lymph drainage) and rev up skin tightening. And this is an amazing advantage for stretch mark treatment. 

Were you feeling encouraged? We have so much more to share with you on your stretch mark journey.

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