Neurotoxins Versus Dermal Fillers

Neurotoxins Versus Dermal Fillers

Are you dying to try injectables? Heard from your bestie that Botox™ is the gold standard in anti-ageing for wrinkle relaxing? Well, she’s not wrong! But the world of injectables – thankfully – gives you options. And when you’re booking your treatment, it’s vital to know what it treats and the benefits your skin will reap. A consult with an expert Skin Renewal medical aesthetic doctor will solve that problem. In the meantime? We’ve got the starter guide to how neurotoxins and dermal fillers differ (and that’s a beautiful thing, by the way). 

Read Between the Lines

Have you got dynamic wrinkles? These are the ones subjected to movement like crow’s feet around the eyes or your Glabellar lines (those that look like the number eleven and worsen if you squint). Any muscle movement that needs to be relaxed or paralysed can benefit from neurotoxin treatment. What you’ll see is a softening of the line as your ability to make faces is paused. But the trick – and this is where the hand that holds the needle is so important – is not to have a frozen-looking expression. A highly skilled doctor with proper training in injectables will be able to map out your best neurotoxin technique plan. Chat to the medical team at Skin Renewal about your anti-ageing journey and how they can create the most beautiful-looking results. 

Smooth Curves Ahead

Sadly the sun is one of the biggest enemies ageing our skins. Add smoking to the mix, and it’s downhill with our collagen and elastin production. And, of course, it’s also an age thing. No escaping that. All these factors, together or alone, equal static lines. These need to be smoothed out and often plumped with volume as they can contribute to a changing facial silhouette. Enter dermal fillers that lift the skin, even out lines and wrinkles, restore volume loss and give you a fresher look. Common fillers with hyaluronic acid are particularly suited for fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Static lines aren’t the only skin challenges dermal fillers rescue us from. Acne scarring and lip shape can be treated with this injectable therapy. That’s its key difference from neurotoxin; it fills, adding volume, while products like Botox™ help soften lines and wrinkles from muscle contraction. 

A combination of neurotoxins and dermal fillers will produce the best results for many people. Maybe your smart solution will be a this-plus-that combined treatment plan? Your expert doctor will have the answers. Just know that your injectable journey has the best options for beautiful results.

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