Smart Scar Solutions

Smart Scar Solutions

Smart Scar Solutions: Your Targeted Treatment at Skin Renewal 

Whether it is the leftovers of a nasty 

breakout (acne scars are the pits), the remains of an injury, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)the treatment of scars and dark marks is tough. Just like you'd take your heart to a specialist doctor, it's vital to take your skin to one when it needs skilled care. At Skin Renewal, we don't have a one-type-fits-all approach to scars. In fact, our medical aesthetics team tackles scarring with your specific issue top of mind. And we're one of the only medical aesthetics companies with specialised, modern skin machines known to make scar therapy safer and more successful. How can we help you? Let's start with the anatomy of scarring. 

Scars Under the Scope

Scar tissue (the skin that forms to repair damaged skin) is complex. It differs from scar to scar. Made mostly from collagen protein, some scars are barely noticeable and others – thanks to Mom and Dad – are thick and painful. Your skin tone can affect the look and feel. Take keloids; those with darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick Skin Type 4 and 5) or redheads with very pale skin (Fitzpatrick Skin Type 1) are known to suffer from scars that grow larger than the injured area. And darker skin tones are at risk of other types of scars. They may not look like one that formed after a cut, but it's thanks to the cut – or acne spot – that they appear. PIH rears up after the skin has been inflamed. In other words, just as the wound or blemish is healing, it leaves an unwelcome reminder of its visit. A dark mark on the skin may or may not fade with time. Treatment – as with any scarring – needs to be safe, and you need to know you're in the hands of a skilled and qualified doctor who understands both the condition and the therapy. 

From Scarred to Smooth: New-Age Micro-Needling with Endymed

Have you heard of micro-needling for scar treatment? Radio-frequency (RF) micro-needling means a category of skin-needling using the power of RF to laser skin. It can be double the skin saver but also, if you're not careful, double the trouble. Not all RF micro-needling treatments have adjustable incision depths. And this needs to be controlled by an ultra-skilled hand (as it's a medical device) with an aesthetic doctor supervising the course of treatments. Enter Endymed Intensif RF Micro-Needling; safe for those with darker skin tones (and concerned with PIH), the most advanced of its type. Currently exclusive to Skin Renewal, adjustable gold-plated needles mean skin can be penetrated down to 5.0mm. Translation? Skin can get collagen rebuilding exactly where it's needed. And how does this modern needling team up with RF so safely? Combining the tapered needles in smooth motion means full blood coagulation, so skin bleeds and bruises less. In other words, less risky business. 

But Wait, There's More

Another tech-savvy, safe RF micro-needling option we have is Secret™ Fractional RF Microneedling. With this device, you're also getting consistent results as energy from the RF shoots down the entire length of the needle. It means uniform, deep treatment for the skin's surface as well as the deeper layers, ideal for those results you've been searching for. You may also be searching for non-laser procedures. Dermapen Skin Needling talks to your skin and asks for a fresh collagen boost so it can go into repair mode. Controlled micro-injuries give your complexion a fresher, younger look over time. As with Carboxytherapy, no light or laser hits your skin; but your face may feel hot, flushed and tight like it's been in the sun. Carboxy-what you're thinking? This option for scar treatment – especially stretchmarks – uses medical grade carbondioxide gas to safely break up fatty deposits and get collagen production revved up. And that's what you want for scar treatment!

Into the Light: Why Scars Don't Like Laser

If your medical aesthetic doctor gives you the go-ahead – and that's why Skin Renewal journies with you at all times – there are many laser treatments that can be highly useful for scarring. From Fraxel Dual Laser to Laser Genesis, seeking this type of remedy means helping your skin regain that overall smooth look and tone once more. Laser treatment also targets blood vessels within the skin tissue and helps your scar look less red. Need more help choosing the best option for your skin? We have a comprehensive treatment list to tackle different types of scarring and are always here to guide you.

There's no need to live with a scar that's messing with your mood. That spontaneous red and green tattoo your sister got on her post-varsity holiday to Bali? Well, that may be on her shoulder blade a little longer than your acne scars. There really are such smart solutions to happy skin and an even happier you! 

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