Skincare 101: The Tween/Teen Edition

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Being a teenager can be challenging enough without dealing with “bad skin”, too. This is why, as puberty arrives or begins to really settle in, it’s important to have a plan of skin care action in place to tackle acne, blackheads, dry patches, and the unavoidable rollercoaster of hormonal changes that growing up brings with it. 

A skincare routine isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have because the benefits are more far-reaching than simply being skin deep. Adolescence is a breeding ground for anxiety and self-esteem issues, and while we can’t navigate our teens’ changing bodies for them, we can help them feel more in control of the physical shifts. Knowledge really is power!

The good news is that implementing a skincare routine for teens and tweens (and instilling good skin care habits) doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, those in skincare know to agree that, regardless of skin type or skincare concerns, a three-step routine is a perfect place to start—cleansing, moisturising, and applying sunscreen. Once you’ve got this in place, it’s time to target specific concerns with additional products and/or treatments.

The Starter Kit

Cleanser & Moisturiser 

  • The Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack combines the most effective products within the Clarity range, catering to the needs of oily and problematic skin types, which, let’s be honest, is the complexion calling card for most with a “teen” at the end of their age.
  • Lamelle Clarity Active Cleanse 125ml is a gentle, soap-free foaming gel cleanser that effectively clears and purifies normal to oily and combination skin. It targets acne and occasional breakouts for a visibly clearer complexion.
  • Lamelle Clarity Corrective AM is an exceptional day cream and the ultimate ally against acne. It is armed with advanced ingredients to safeguard clear skin.
  • Lamelle Clarity Corrective PM Plus is a powerful night-time moisturiser for problematic acne skin types. It skillfully integrates Vitamin A while eliminating common irritations.


Heliocare Gel SPF 50 is a topical sun protection gel suitable for normal, combination and oily skin types. Its innovative lightweight formulation absorbs quickly and uniformly to protect the skin against daily environmental challenges, and it leaves no residue on the skin. Plus, because this broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF contains FernBlock® (a natural plant extract from Central America with proven photo-protective properties), it provides high photoprotection for intense sun exposure.

Prevention is better than cure, always 

Apart from breakouts and acne being self-confidence-crushing and putting a damper on even the most social of teens’ spirits, these skin conditions can do more than affect their ability to take a filter-free selfie. Left untreated, typical teenage skin concerns can cause long-term complexion (and psychological) damage. So, the importance of early management of not just “pimples” but any skin condition cannot be overstated.

Over and above a teen-friendly three-step skincare routine and a healthy diet, here are the four things we recommend you add to your cart (and your diary) to help your teen put their best face forward:

1.    The Capsule

Acne Aid 2 in 1 provides natural support for those struggling with Acne. A herbal and mineral formulation that assists in managing the common causes of acne as well as breakouts that occur as a result of hormonal imbalances, this antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory is a potent antioxidant, too. So, while it assists in reducing inflammation, it also protects your teen’s skin from environmental challenges. 

2.    The Gel 

NeoStrata Targeted Clarifying Gel is a potent gel for blemishes (caused by acne or occasional breakouts) that contains a cocktail of active ingredients specifically for the treatment of spots, lesions and imperfections. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Pro-Vitamin A and patented NeoHydroxy™ deliver a synergistic effect, gently exfoliating while promoting active cell turnover, minimising inflammation and enabling skin to heal itself.

3.    The Spray

Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray is a potent and user-friendly formulation designed to address hard-to-reach areas prone to acne breakouts. Its powerful blend of active ingredients, which include Salicylic Acid and Azelaic Acid in high concentration, targets acne and breakouts over a wide area. It’s been specifically created to manage neck, back, shoulders, and chest acne, and – thanks to its versatile spray applicator – it is simple to apply, providing all-body control for acne, apart from facial acne.

4.    The Treatment

Whether your teen is dealing with redness, enlarged pores, uneven texture or acne scars, Laser Genesis™ can help. This non-invasive laser treatment delivers gentle yet effective skin rejuvenation with its advanced technology – proven to stimulate collagen production and promote a smoother, less bumpy complexion. For best results, we recommend 6 to 8 treatments with a Skin Renewal therapist, done over a period of 8 to 12 months.

At the end of the day, adolescence isn’t going to be smooth sailing, but adolescent skin can be. Chat with one of our Skin Renewal doctors or therapists today about the skincare routine and treatment plan that’s right for your tween or teen. Let’s get them loving the skin they’re in and feeling their most self (and selfie) confident together. 

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