What is your skin telling you about your body?

What is your skin telling you about your body?

Something going on with your skin that looks strange and alarming? Your skin is your body’s largest organ; it forms the barrier between what’s happening inside your system and the outside world. It also bears the brunt of challenges such as UV exposure and other environmental elements. It has a lot of hard work to do, so when something is amiss, it might be trying to send you a message that all is not well with your underlying health? At Skin Renewal, we like to think of your skin as your body’s dashboard. So, when there’s something wrong with the engine, a light comes on (think breakouts, discolouration etc.). Here’s how to navigate some of the skin irritations you may be seeing and what they mean. 



Easy to blame maskne – especially at this time – but acne continues to plague adults well into their 30’s and beyond. As our stress scales are currently heavier, and stress plays a significant role concerning break out flares, do seek out ways you can manage anxiety and depression. It’s also critical to have your hormone levels checked. If your androgen hormone is at too high a concentration, that means your risk of acne is high too. And that goes for both men and women. For women, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) creates an imbalance, and excessive levels of male hormones can lead to acne. So while choosing at-home products and in-clinic treatments make a tremendous difference, sustained acne prevention often means correct medical diagnosis of what is happening beneath.


Rosacea & Red Skin

A chronic condition, those who battle rosacea are primarily women and have a naturally pale skin type. It’s not a life-threatening disorder, but it needs careful management, especially around good nutrition. Heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”? This is true of rosacea sufferers because what’s going into their digestive system may actually be telling them – via their skin – “I’m no good for you.” Rosacea is inflammatory – that’s why the skin looks red and flushed. While small, red-looking, and pus-filled bumps appear, they’re not acne. But like acne, if left untreated, the condition gets worse over time. First, look at your body’s fuel; too much heat? This includes spicy foods and even things like hot beverages and food. And then there’s alcohol. Too much of that is known to affect. Also, check your lifestyle. Sun exposure, temperature extremes, and even sitting in front of a fire can cause a reaction in your skin. As this serious condition needs precise diagnosis for a holistic treatment plan, the medical aesthetic team at Skin Renewal are here to help you find just the right solution. 


Eczema (Dermatitis) 

Heard either of these terms? In a nutshell, they describe inflammation within the skin. Eczema on the face may look red, scaly and feel itchy. Most often, it’s an immune system response to something irritating. And while yes, using a new soap may be the culprit, your skin could be sending an entirely different message about your body’s state of health. At Skin Renewal, we believe it’s vital to look deeper. Low stomach acid, dysbiosis and leaky gut all put the skin’s health at risk. They also have future health concerns; autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities, allergies, asthma, depression and even cancer. Low stomach acid means low levels of zinc and other vital minerals and vitamins essential for healthy skin. So keeping a watch on any eczema and discussing it with your healthcare professional means keeping your entire wellbeing in check.


Want to give your skin more attention and better healthcare? Remember, the Skin Renewal team is always available to help guide you through any challenges you may experience. Here’s to beautiful, healthy and happy skin – and vitality from top to toe! 

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