Setting up Skin Goals

Setting up Skin Goals

In the quest for your best complexion, you've likely been on a journey to discover what best suit's your skin. During this time, you would've read as much insightful research as you've heard anecdotal thoughts. Do you feel like every time you mention your skin concerns, you're bombarded with the opinions of others? And does it feel overwhelming? Remember that even if a friend has had a sensational skin treatment (that, of course, they're desperate for you to try), generally, what works is based on personal experience. So does that make other's opinions count? Yes and no. Yes, because it's great to receive feedback (only if you want it) and no if it will make you lose sight of your skin goals. 

Skin for the Win

Setting up skin goals is essential because you'll know exactly what you want to achieve from your skincare and treatments. Skin goals allow you to plan and also critically look after the health of your skin. Aesthetics aside, this is probably the most crucial part of setting targets. By not looking after your skin correctly, you may miss unnoticed issues like potential skin cancers that need immediate medical treatment. You can stay on track through a skin journey, keeping your goals in sight with measurable progress. All this is easily achievable. Chat to our aesthetic medical team at Skin Renewal (they are here to help you) and once your targets are fixed, stick to them by setting boundaries. 

Ace Your Achievements 

What is it you need to achieve during your skin journey? The stages your Skin Renewal doctor will discuss with you are: prevention (the early signs of ageing), anti-ageing (small lines and wrinkle and loss of volume), and rejuvenation (existing sun damage, discolouration and lax skin). Each stage needs just the right skincare and treatments. Here's where the knowledgeable professional's advice means insightful research and a way of staying on track to ultimately achieve your skin goals. They can also suggest therapies you might not have even thought of. Are you placing all your hopes in neurotoxins and dermal fillers? Perhaps it's time to try bio-remodelling. New and innovative injectable treatments like Profhilo that can be used in conjunction with tried and tested methods are precisely what your trusted medical aesthetics doctor may suggest. They will also be open and honest about what not to have done. Remember, it's for you to decide your skin journey – so if it sounds like something that crosses a boundary, it's probably not right for your skin. 

Feeling ready to set skin goals and stay on track until you meet them? Knowing your limits is about choosing what's right for your complexion, so you avoid an unhealthy relationship with your skin. You only have one skin – give it the best treatment possible!

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