Evil stepmother

Evil stepmother

Let’s be honest, women love looking beautiful and receiving compliments! Even the wicked stepmother in Snow white had to have a magic mirror to reassure her that she was the most beautiful woman around!

But I’m sure you will agree that on some days we are very glad that we don’t have an honest mirror that could really deflate our ego. We have all looked drop dead gorgeous for a special occasion but not all the time. There is always a little blemish or a little wrinkle that is not pleasing to our critical eye, but there are also true skin problems that some of us have that could be corrected with treatment

Skin Ageing

In Sunny South Africa skin ageing, caused by systematic sun exposure, facial blemishes due to excessive pigmentation and imperfections caused by melanin (that gives our skin its colour), is a problem that is of great concern to most of us. Avoiding the sun is rather difficult here! Blemishes that are darker than our regular skin colour, especially on the hands and face is not pleasing to us and we are always looking for solutions to recover that youthful look and uniform skin tone. So I am sure that you will take great comfort from the fact that there is an effective treatment that has a direct effect on the intimate formation process of the melanin pigment.

Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment

Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment works by blocking the process that causes hyperpigmentation and it will be effective for all types of melasma (a dark skin discoloration that appears on sun-exposed areas of the face), brown spots, blotchy skin, acne scars and helps prevent hyperpigmentation after laser treatment.

What made me take a second look at this treatment is that in most cases, blemishes improve dramatically, and you can see an improvement after just one week. At the end of the depigmentation treatment, you may be able to point to the area where the blemish was, but the pigmentation will have gone and nobody will be able to see it just by looking at it. Which is the result we all want with skin treatment – if you like what you see, please look again!


When considering any kind of facial treatment one is always concerned about the safety aspects and the ‘what if’ something goes wrong part. Cosmelan treatment guarantees the improvement of the skin blemishes with a very high safety margin, and the main action of this product is the elimination of melasma patches on the face, but the treatment is versatile and dynamic and can be adapted to the needs of each person. Melasma is called Chloasma when it occurs during pregnancy and has also been called ‘The Mask of Pregnancy’; it is a uniform brown colour that appears on the cheeks, forehead, nose or upper lip.

When you attend a Skin Renewal clinic for treatment, a Mesoestetic Mandelic Acid peel of 30% A doctor’s only product) is applied immediately before the mask treatment, and this peel in combination with the Cosmelan treatment will deliver the best results.

There are a few precautions that must be considered before and during treatment, but you will be advised of these, and the first two days after treatment, the skin may turn red and there may be an itchy feeling, slight burning or tightening of the skin. At a later stage there may be some flaking of the skin, but by Day 4 after treatment has started, healthy and luminous skin will start appearing and the marks begin to fade. The total treatment time and follow up is for at least 4-6 months and can be extended for up to one year. The first 6 months is a treatment and stabilisation period and needless to say, the use of a very good sun block is mandatory at all times.

Dermamelan Depigmentation treatment

In addition to Cosmelan treatment, there is another product called Dermamelan Depigmentaton treatment that has similar active ingredients to Cosmelan, but at 25% higher concentration. The mask treatment and follow up must be done under the strict supervision of a cosmetic doctor and the Dermamelan treatment would only be used for those people with persistent and more severe blemishes.

So, move over Evil Stepmother, you are going to have some competition in the beauty business as there are going to be a lot more flawless complexions around once I call the Skin Renewal clinic for my appointment.

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