Show Stress the Door: Skin Renewal’s Healthy Guide to Chronic Stress

Show Stress the Door:  Skin Renewal’s Healthy Guide to Chronic Stress

Show Stress the Door: Skin Renewal’s Healthy Guide to Chronic Stress

What’s the difference between a really bad day and zero-break from constantly feeling pressured and overwhelmed? A really bad day – one that’s stressful – may look like you forgot to pack school lunches, your laptop died mid-presentation and to top it off, your au pair cancelled. Five minutes before pick up. Deep breathes. The next day? Things got back on track and so did your mood. Chronic stress is trickier, and harder to manage. That’s the one where you’re feeling stressed to the point of anxious and there’s no let up. And it’s manifesting through your body and turning into health issues. If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation or insomnia thanks to chronic stress, know that things are spiraling. And it’s time for an easy yet effective management plan.

Doctor’s Diagnosis: Chronic Stress VS. Feeling Stressed

We all feel stress and feel stressed out. Filled up with petrol lately? It’s enough to make you feel instantly nauseous. However chronic stress feels heavy every day, as if there’s no escape. It puts pressure on your system and can lead to other pressure-related diseases. And that’s the key difference – and where a doctor’s diagnosis is crucial. Because if a chronic stress condition means you could then battle with high blood pressure or depression, you will need ongoing health support. Think of it this way: stress affects us all. But not all of us experience stress that turns into an emotional health challenge. That’s where needing a well-deserved self-care day versus seeing a skilled doctor is the contrast. Skin Renewal understands the delicate balance and will help you identify what’s going on. A blood diagnostic analysis to uncover the root cause of the issue may be the first step. 

The Fundamentals: Five Basics to Support You

Lifestyle changes are very important to managing chronic stress – any chronic conditions in fact. It’s so tempting to bury yourself in bed – especially at the point of burnout – but did you know just walking can start improving your system? Walking releases tension from the major muscle groups, deepens the breathing and quiets the nervous system. Other supporters that have your back? Supplements! And this is where, post-diagnosis, our Skin Renewal medical team are so proficient in guiding you. What’s your body lacking? Decreasing the amount of inflammation in the body is key: that’s what stress does unfortunately. Inflammation fighters (which in turn help boost immunity) are High Potency Zinc, High Potency Vitamin D3, Omega 3, Vitamin K2 and Pro-Pheroid Glutathione. Time to bin the afternoon sweetie stash? Different (and good-for-you) supporters have actual benefits – and none of those sugar highs!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: IV Infusions

Your doctor may recommend an IV Infusion as part of helping your system cope with the effects of chronic stress. Why go this route? An IV infusion is particularly valuable when you’re under stress and it’s compounded. As your immunity takes a knock – thanks to raised inflammation levels – higher doses of vitamins and minerals sent directly into your system help get you back on feet[S1] . The Chronic Stress Infusion Cocktail [S2] is a carefully blended cocktail of vitamin C, magnesium, B-vitamins and the powerful anti-oxidant glutathione. It’s job is not only to lower the body’s stress levels but also help you with your energy levels. And what’s more, it promotes better brainpower and focus. Like the sound of that? A clearer mental state is essential when the going gets tough.

We’d love to take away the strain that leads to emotional health conditions like chronic stress, but we know how demanding life can be. But there are many treatment paths that can support and sustain you through rough patches. As doctors and healthcare practitioners, we’re always here for you. Let’s walk this journey together.

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