NeoStrata Skin Active

NeoStrata Skin Active

NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration

This potent SynerG Formula 15.0 takes a multi-mechanistic approach to rejuvenating cellular function and strengthening skin’s underlying structure with collagen and glycosaminoglycans.

The key benefit of the Skin Active Cellular Restoration is that it restores the skin's essential cells, rebuilds the deep skin matrix and reduces oxidative damage. Perfect for patients with sagging and damaged skin.

NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy

This unique SynerG Formula 6.0 employs a multi-mechanistic approach to building and plumping the deep layers of the skin for exceptional results.

Patients with puffiness and crow's feet under the eye would benefit by applying Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy as it helps build and plump the eye area while helping to reduce puffiness.

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