RID diet and body contouring solutions

RID diet and body contouring solutions

It’s been a long, hard winter. Thanks to being cooped up indoors with heightened levels of stress and a newfound appreciation for comfort eating, many of us might have put on a few “pandemic pounds”. Fortunately, Health Renewal’s The Renewal Institute Diet (RID) ensures that you shed weight fast and keep it off. Better yet, if you’re still struggling to blitz the odd stubborn fat roll or want to streamline and tone your new physique, Body Renewal has many body contouring solutions to help you out. 

Lose while you’re winning 

Developed by doctors, the RID diet is a low calorie, low GI eating plan enhanced by supplements and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections. Women who adhere to the program can lose between 5 to 6 kg a month while men can lose between 7 and 8kg a month! 

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As the RID diet is sugar-free, it forces your body to turn to your own fat supply for energy, essentially turning it into a fat-burning machine. It helps combat insulin resistance – one of the leading causes of weight gain, particularly of the stubborn fat that accumulates across your belly, buttocks and thighs. Despite being a low kilojoule eating plan, you don’t have to worry about feeling hungry. Throughout the diet, our doctors monitor your progress while you administer injections which boost your metabolism, reduce cravings and aid in the loss of fat, not muscle. 

Another RID diet plus? The program is enhanced by delicious nutrient-rich whey protein shakes and our own line of high-quality Renewal Institute supplements. This way, your body gets everything it really needs – while losing all the fat it doesn’t!

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Perfect that silhouette  

While you’re getting close to your goal weight, you might notice you’ve got one or two tricky areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Think bra bulges or a little “waddle” underneath your chin. You might also feel like your weight loss has left you with areas that are free of fat, but are showing loose skin – such as your tummy or arms. You might also want to smooth out any remaining dimples on your newly slimmed-down buttocks and thighs. Happily, this is where body contouring can come in.  

At Body Renewal, you’ll find we’ve got a great selection of body contouring solutions to help you reduce stubborn pockets of fat; tighten up loose, sagging skin and refine your contours. They’re all non-invasive, require no or minimal downtime and have none of the risks or costs associated with a surgical solution. A few of our most popular solutions include the following: 

Cryolipo Fat Freezing 

Cryolipo Fat Freezing is a safer alternative to liposuction, this treatment involves freezing unwanted fat cells in a way that destroys them. They’re then excreted from your body via its natural fat removal pathways over 6 to 12 weeks. Because the fat loss is gradual, you don’t have to worry about being left with loose skin. 

Radiofrequency treatments 

We offer a selection of radiofrequency (RF) treatments, but they all hinge on the same premise – using RF energy to heat different layers of the dermis to stimulate new collagen, tighten what exists, metabolise fat and improve circulation. These include Exilis Elite, Titania, Lavatron, VelaShape and Accent. 

Your skin’s condition and goals will dictate the right device for the job as well as how many sessions you’d require to get your desired results. So, have a chat with our highly-skilled therapists. They’ll be able to suggest the right solution and put you on the path to a more streamlined silhouette. 


Struggling with “orange peel” skin? Carboxytherapy for cellulite reduction involves injecting medical-grade CO2 gas deep alongside the lymphatic system of the upper and lower leg to improve drainage and circulation. Carboxytherapy is also useful for stubborn fat reduction. When injected deep into the fat itself, it helps to break up fatty deposits so that your body has an easier time of getting rid of it naturally. 

Injectable fat-dissolving treatments 

At Body Renewal, we can offer two options when it comes to injectable fat-dissolving treatments – PC and Cecarrelli fat lipolysis. Both can be used on the body and face to instigate natural fat destruction.

iLipo Ultra 

This is a device which emits a low dose of light and can target fat and trigger a cascade of chemical reactions that make the fat cell permeable. iLipo allows the fat to drain out of the cell into the lymphatic system, which causes the fat cell to shrink naturally. In short, it’s the fast track version of natural weight loss!  

To get started on either our RID diet; a body contouring plan or – for the very best results – both - get in touch with your nearest Body Renewal branch. Together, we can help you reveal your best body yet! 

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