Spring-clean your skin

Spring-clean your skin

Finally! The jasmine in the garden has sent a message to my nose that spring has arrived, and there’s no complaint from my side. The pervasive cold is gradually disappearing and the beautiful fragrance of spring abounds.

All those clichés about rebirth come to mind and that’s just what we need for our skin as well. First of all, that dry, dull winter look makes wrinkles look worse, and secondly there’s the loose skin and scars that one can really do without.

The Body’s Repair System

Our bodies are really wonderful systems that self-repair when damage is perceived. Whenever there is a cut, burn or injury, our bodies go to work by replacing damaged tissue with new collagen which results in healthy new skin that looks smoother and younger. It is exactly this system that has been utilized with the Dermapen™ Skin Needling system. This treatment has a domino effect which sends elastin and collagen to treat and repair acne scarring, enlarged pores and moderate to severe wrinkling.

Dermapen™ Skin Needling

The Dermapen™ device uses multiple needles that pierce the epidermis of the skin vertically with minimal pain: the automatic, high speed vibrating function increases the effectiveness of the treatment. It takes about twenty minutes for the entire neck and face; the duration of the treatment depends on the size of the body target area. It is also a great option for the treatment of stretch marks and sagging skin. To minimize discomfort and pain, a topical anaesthetic or local block is applied to the skin. During treatment the Dermapen™ device is moved gently over the skin to create tiny channels. The body perceives this as an injury and initiates the repair process. Although initial results can be seen within ten days, the total improvement takes a bit longer but well worth the wait, and a course of 6-8 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Starting Age

Starting at a younger age with skin rejuvenation has shown good results, simply because the skin still has a greater ability to refresh itself and wrinkles have not yet become ingrained and ‘scar like’ making them more difficult to treat. Prevention has always been better than cure, so sagging of the brow and jawline can also be prevented for much longer.

However, if one has waited for longer, all is not lost and you can do the Dermapen™ treatments and combine it with other procedures to regain fresh and younger- looking skin.

Treatment Areas

Facial fine lines and wrinkles, especially those in difficult to reach areas around the eyes and mouth, as well as cheeks, neck and décolleté can be treated. Other areas on the body such as the tummy, back of the hands and arms and virtually any scarring, loose skin or stretch marks can be treated. It is only active acne and keloid scarring that does not respond well to this therapy, but at Skin Renewal there are other options available as the Dermapen™ treatments can be combined with other procedures.

Combination Treatments

Other non-invasive treatments such as Laser Genesis™, Botox®, fillers, superficial peels, Pearl™ and transdermal mesotherapy can be done at a later stage of the series of Dermapen™ treatments. A non-ablative laser procedure such as 3D Skin Rejuvenation will take care of other skin blemishes and the end result of combining various treatments will leave your skin looking plump, smooth and healthy.

Great results have also been seen when combining Dermapen™ treatment with a Carboxytherapy and Laser Genesis rejuvenation treatment. As always, the aesthetically trained doctors at Skin Renewal will advise you on the best combinations for your specific problem. If the budget is a bit tight, they will also advise on how to get the best results with available funds.

Although our mothers used to tell us that there is no beauty without pain, it has become a lot less true. Many of the new procedures include local anaesthetic to ease the discomfort. The professional training team of Skin Renewal is always exploring the latest innovations to help clients get the most out of their treatments.

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