Shape up!

Shape up!

Improve unwanted fat with i-lipo! The winter season did not treat any of us well and when you start peeling off the layers of clothing, you see what is hiding underneath…lumps and bulges where there were none before.

What is i-lipo?

i-lipo is a low level laser (LLLT) system, often referred to as a cold laser. This treatment is FDA approved and was recently awarded the "Best slimming treatment" at "Les Victoires de la beauté" in Paris. I-lipo laser lipolysis offers patients a safe and effective non- invasive laser lipolysis option with no downtime. If given the choice, most of us will choose a non- invasive procedure like i-lipo, above risky and invasive procedures like liposuction.

How does it work?

This low dose of light targets the fat cells in the treatment area, creating a cascade of chemical reactions inside the cells, which opens transitory pores in the cell membrane and converts the contained triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. These molecules easily pass through the pores in the cell wall and are taken up and transported by the body's lymphatic system for metabolism into energy during the subsequent recommended post treatment exercise. Exercise is required to reach optimal treatment benefits and to maintain result and at Body Renewal we make an exercise bike available to you for a 30 minute cardio session directly after your treatment.

Which skin types can be treated with i-lipo?

All skin types are suitable for treatment as there is minimal interaction with epidermal melanin.


Pregnancy, epilepsy, thyroid gland dysfunction, uncontrolled hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias or heart disease, pacemakers, recent or current history of cancer or actively undergoing radiation/chemotherapy treatment, liver/kidney disease, photosensitivity to 650-660nm of light and immuno-suppressed disorders.

Which areas are most commonly treated?

Fat around the abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, batwings, bra bulges, double chin, knees, ankles and male breast can be successfully treated with i-Lipo.

What to expect during the treatment?

During the treatment you may experience a very mild warming sensation of the skin under each treatment pad towards the end of each 10 minute section of the treatment, thus a very comfortable and relaxing treatment.

Expected results?

Measurements will be done before and after the treatment to show your centimetre loss. Although single treatments of i-lipo laser lipolysis will produce immediate results and centimetre loss, a course of eight sessions performed twice per week for a duration of four weeks, is advised. Only a single anatomical treatment zone is treated at any one time, but additional treatments or anatomical locations can be treated after the first course of sessions has been completed.

Ageing bodies have different forms and grades of resistant fat and cellulite, so a combination of treatments is needed for successful results.

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