New years Resolutions

New years Resolutions

It has not been an easy task, squeezing a few centimetres more into the same clothes that actually fitted at the end of last year…but the bigger problem has been that in spite of hiding beneath sunblock and big hats over the festive season, my skin seems to have taken quite a beating: there are dark spots, fine lines and it is rather dehydrated. Not surprising though because I did enjoy the food, drinks and sunshine whilst on holiday and transgressed most of the healthy living rules. But what the heck, it’s once a year and thankfully, I have the wonderful professionals at my Skin Renewal Clinic to help me back on the straight and narrow!

My first step to recovery has already started. I am back to eating properly, drinking enough water, exercising to reduce those extra centimetres and I have booked a series of mesotherapy treatments which will revive my skin in no time. The second, more daunting, step is facing a whole year of working and being good, which for the inner rebel in me is not an easy task.


Mesotherapy is when tiny medicinal bullets (jam packed with growth factors, amino acids, anti-oxidants and more) are injected and delivered directly into the middle layer of skin. Results will depend on what is being injected, it can either be apigmentation treatment, or an anti-ageing cocktail which will plump up the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or a skin brightening serum that will take care of uneven skin tone and dark spots as well as stimulate cellular regeneration. The Mesotherapy treatment is performed by an experienced medical doctor who administers small microinjections of the powerful serum cocktail into the problem area; or if you are afraid of needles transdermal Mesotherapy can be done to stimulate active ingredients to penetrate the skin without injections.

It’s a great way to revive your skin, plump it up and stimulate collagen production, everything to keep the signs of ageing at bay! As we age, skin cell turnover slows down and as a result our skin does not recover as well as in our twenties. A series of treatments are recommended and maintenance treatments and home care products are keys to looking younger for longer.

When treating stubborn/resistant fatty pockets this treatment is also known as Lipodissolve/Injection Lipolysis. Best results for a double chin reduction are seen after four to eight treatments, two weeks apart. These treatments are only performed by doctors who have been trained in these procedures and there is minimal downtime and side effects.

Cosmelan and Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment

The mere fact that we live in sunny South Africa means that we are exposed to an excessive amount of sun and in spite of taking precautions, we are more likely to develop facial blemishes and pigmentation marks on the body. Dark spots on one’s hands and face remain a concern for all of us, but these can easily be addressed with the MesoBrite™ or MesoBrite Lite™ depigmentation treatments available at your Skin Renewal clinic.

The treatment action is based on blocking an enzyme that is involved in the formation of melanin in the skin and it is very effective in treating deep seated melasma (hormonal hyperpigmentation) or cloasma (occurs during pregnancy) and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation PIH (often seen with acne sufferers, and post acne lesions).

This treatment is so effective that in 99% of cases, the disappearance of the blemishes improves by 95%, and significant improvement can be seen about a week after starting treatment. It is very important to note that pigmentation is a chronic condition and though appearance can be improved, lifelong maintenance is required for most individuals to keep the skin even toned and radiant.

The Cosmelan and Dermamelan Treatment Masks have the same product formulation and ingredients, but Dermamelan is 25% stronger and only applied by a Medical Doctor, where Cosmelan can be done by a therapist in less severe cases. Your treatment will depend on the severity and depth of pigmentation, and be advised during your Skin Renewal consultation. The first two days after treatment may have skin turning red, and it is likely to be sensitive and even a bit itchy, but this is normal. There may be some flaking around the third day, so keep your keen little fingers from pulling on the flakes, and do not rub or scratch! By the fourth day, healthy skin appears and the marks begin to fade.

It is very important though that the specified after-treatment and home care instructions are strictly followed for at least six months to ensure that you attain optimal results from the treatment. In addition to the healing and rejuvenating ingredients in the home products, a sun block has been added for your convenience, but always be aware that a very good sunblock is essential at all times.

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