Shed the holiday weight gain

Shed the holiday weight gain

Your favourite tannie’s ham. Gogo’s legendary trifle. Those little mince pies you can’t get enough of. There are lots of reasons why the holiday season can leave you wondering if your pants have shrunk in the wash. And that’s just the food, never mind the booze! Fortunately, Body Renewal’s The Renewal Institute Diet (RID) can help you shed weight fast and keep it off. It’s even effective for those who’ve been struggling with excess kilograms for decades, let alone December. 

The RID diet is a doctor-developed, low calorie, low GI eating plan enhanced by supplements and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections. Women who adhere to the program can lose between 5 to 6 kg a month while men can lose between 7 and 8kg a month! 

We’re currently running a January RID Weight Loss Promo. If you purchase an initial package for R4000, you’ll receive our Health Renewal Omega-3 and Multivitamin and Mineral supplements worth R480 for FREE! 

 It’s all about insulin 

Many people who struggle to lose weight are insulin resistant without realising it. Insulin is a hormone with many important jobs. One of these is telling your body to shift the sugar in your blood to your body’s cells where it can be ustilised as energy. If you’re insulin resistant, however, your body ignores the message. Instead of being converted into energy, the sugar languishes in your blood and eventually turns into fat. The type of stubborn fat that tends to become stored across your belly, bum and thighs. 

Happily, this is where the RID diet can help. It helps recalibrate your body’s sensitivity to insulin and turns it into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine. Better yet, it’s completely sustainable so, once the weight comes off, you can keep it off. Yo-yo dieting, another insulin-confuser, becomes a thing of the past. 

Feel the burn 

As the RID diet is a low GI plan, it denies your body of sugar. This way, you aren’t consuming anything that will immediately convert to fat. Then, when your body needs energy and finds your bloodstream is sugar-free, it’s forced to burn up the next best energy source - your own body fat. 

As the RID diet is a low calorie eating plan, this will also speed up your weight loss. Still, you don’t have to worry about feeling hungry thanks to hCG injections. Another hormone that’s naturally produced by your body, hCG will help rev your metabolism, reduce hunger cravings and aid the loss of fat, not muscle. 

Something else that enhances the RID diet is great-tasting, nutrient-rich shakes. These and high-quality supplements to ensure your body gets everything it needs. 

Start slimming today! 

Whether you’ve gained over the holidays or wish to blitz a belly you’ve endured for years, consider the RID diet. Unlike crazy crash diets or celebrity-endorsed detoxes with no scientific backing, the RID diet is a medical solution developed by doctors. Once your body’s recalibrated to become more sensitive to insulin, stubborn fat will melt away. You’ll then advance onto a sustainable maintenance program that will help you keep it off for good.  

To get started, get in touch with your nearest Body Renewal branch and let us help you reveal your best body yet! 

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