Sexual Rejuvenation

It is unfortunately true that as things (and humans) age, they are not as effective and good as they used to be. It is also true that even in our modern age there are certain intimate things we don’t openly seek help for. Never mind just “doing the dance”… it’s even more deflating, when people already have a complex, or are unhappy with the appearance of their genitals and secretly just want to hide under those covers!

For some of us, the confidence to address these concerns is certainly not easy. Combine this with a busy, stressful lifestyle, along with the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and well... the state of things “down below”, it can leave us feeling less enthusiastic about the “horizontal mambo” than we would like.

A case in point being that many women would like to improve the function and appearance of their genitalia, but they can’t exactly broadcast this (little problem) embarrassment around the office for advice! So how do they go about fixing this?

For women, skin laxity causing overly stretched labia, vaginal dryness, reduced libido and difficulty reaching orgasm, are all common problems that many feel too embarrassed to discuss with their doctors. For men, the high incidence of erectile dysfunction at all ages, puts them very much in the same boat. Furthermore, in both sexes, dissatisfaction with genital appearance can lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence and reduced sexual satisfaction.

Until recently, surgical intervention was the only option to treat lax skin in the genital area, but today there are non-surgical alternatives for labial remodelling and sexual rejuvenation!

What are the benefits of Exilis Intima or Titania treatment's for Women?

This 20 minute, in office treatment increases blood supply to the labium (majora and minorum), as well as the clitoris and the perineum. This increased blood supply to the above areas leads to increased rejuvenation of the tissue and heightened sensitivity. A recently conducted pilot Intima trial by a local gynecologist on 19 women aged between 35 and 64 years resulted in an increase in terms of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm and satisfaction in all subjects!

What is Exilis Intima treatment?

The Exilis Intima is the first treatment of its kind, offering patients a non-surgical, non-invasive labia remodelling and sexual satisfaction enhancement treatment. Focused thermal energy is applied to disrupt the treated area's collagen fibers. The collagen triple-helix structure is affected by heat and the unraveling process is initiated. The skin's natural healing process evokes fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers, resulting in improved structure and volume.

What can be done about labia remodelling?

More than you think, and it can be done without the pain of surgery!

The appearance of stretched or enlarged labia can be significantly improved with the following treatments:

- Exilis Elite™ Protégé Intima & Titania Labia Rejuvenation:

The Exilis uses a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound and the Titania uses radiofrequency during treatment. Both of these will stimulate collagen and elastin production which result in tightening of the labial skin.

  • You would need a series of treatments over a period of time; they are pain-free, low risk and it takes around 15 minutes per treatment.
  • After participating in a trial with the Exilis Intima, the female participants reported a ‘significant to excellent’ improvement in the appearance of their labia in 80% of cases. Most of them reported significant improvement in their sexual satisfaction.

- Carboxytherapy Sexual Rejuvenation Treatment

  • This treatment involves micro-injections of Carbon Dioxide gas to stimulate tissues in the pelvic area.
  • It is done to stimulate the blood supply and thus restore function of the tissue in the area.
  • Treatments are well tolerated and the effect of each treatment is cumulative.

What are the benefits of Carboxytherapy Sexual Rejuvenation treatment for Women?

  • In female patients the micro-injections will increase circulation, oxygen uptake and grow new capillaries in the genital area to restore the blood supply and function of the tissues.
  • Carboxytherapy will also increase the appearance and firmness of the labia as well as improve vaginal tone, lubrication and sensation in the area.
  • It will assist with problems like stress incontinence and reduce PMS symptoms and hot flashes because of the increase in localised oestrogen production.
  • Carboxytherapy is extremely helpful during menopause because there is atrophy/loss of tissue volume around the perineum which causes a decrease in function, sensation and stimulus response. Carboxytherapy treatments can restore this loss of function.
  • As hormone production declines during menopause, there could be atrophy or degradation in the genital area and dermal fillers can also be injected into the area to restore volume

The Exilis Intima™ and Titania Labia Rejuvenation in combination with Carboxytherapy Sexual Rejuvenation treatments will give patients an even better and faster result.

Let's not forget our men!

What are the benefits of Carboxytherapy Sexual Rejuvenation treatment for Men?

  • Only four small microinjections are used to stimulate the tissues to grow new capillaries and improve the blood flow.
  • A series of treatments are recommended and each treatment has a cumulative effect.
  • Carboxytherapy helps improve the cosmetic appearance as tissues regain their plumpness.
  • It also improves function, sensation, strength and size of the penis.
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