Lip rejuvenation, the what, why and how?

Lip rejuvenation, the what, why and how?

You'll often hear the words "smoker's lines" to describe those little lines that eventually start to appear around your mouth. Sadly, you don't have to be a smoker for them to make an appearance. These lines are the result of any expression or action that causes you to purse your lips—activities such as talking, using a straw, blowing a kiss. 

Mostly, things you can't avoid. They only show up later in life when our collagen supply starts to dwindle. Eventually, the way we move our face becomes visible in the form of lines and wrinkles. 

At Skin Renewal, there are lots of things we can do to help you rejuvenate your lips. Whether you're an older patient wanting to turn back a little bit of time or a younger one simply wanting to enhance the lip line you've already got in a way that'll always look natural.

Lose the lines 

Diminish lines and wrinkles once they appear. All it takes is a few treatments to bump up your skin's collagen stores. Treatments include carboxytherapy, skin needling, mesotherapy and Laser Genesis. For entrenched lines, we use fractional lasers like the Pearl Fusion, Fraxel Dual and a CO2 laser. Another way we can dramatically diminish lip lines with far quicker and visible results is with dermal filler injections! They're a quick and easy way to fill up and "plump out" lines. Now that's something to smile about!

Plump it up! 

As far as a loss of volume goes, again, it's dermal fillers (FDA-approved brands) the rescue. They can instantly restore your lips' natural volume as well as add a little extra plumpness you never had to begin with(FDA-approved brands), and you don't feel a thing. 

Mouth Frowns

Aside from adding luscious plumpness to your pout, we can also create a more symmetrical-looking lip line. We also use filler to rejuvenate and treat what is known as a "mouth frown". The mouth starts to take on a downturned look, thanks to the loss of volume that comes with ageing. Injecting a little filler into these corners can literally turn your mouth frown upside down! 

Book your appointment today

If you'd like to give your mouth a very natural-looking makeover, make an appointment to see any of our doctors. They'll be able to suggest a unique treatment plan to improve lines, restore volume and enhance your natural lip line. Together, we can make sure you don't just like your lips – you're going to love them! 


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