It’s not just a headache

It’s not just a headache

If you’re a migraine sufferer, you’ll know it’s not just another headache. One of the worst things those who’ve never experienced that dreaded throb can tell you is to “pop a paracetamol and just carry on”. After all, once a migraine is in full bloom, it might not even respond to the most potent painkillers and can leave you feeling completely debilitated for days. Fortunately, at Health Renewal, we get it. Better yet, we have lots of real solutions to help you get your life back.

Botulinum toxin to the rescue!

To date, doctors don’t understand the exact physiological cause of migraines and many factors are thought to play a role – just one being the effect your serotonin levels have on the blood vessels in your head. However, anyone who’s had a tension headache that merges into a migraine will know your muscles are a big contributing factor. We suspect this is why muscle-relaxing injections containing botulinum toxin have proven to help so many of our patients. Injecting certain areas of your head and around the base of your neck can go a long way towards alleviating the tension headaches that can trigger a migraine. Another possible reason for their efficacy is that they might affect the nerve cells that relate to your perception of pain. The treatment itself will take mere minutes, but its effect can last between six to nine months. 

Carboxytherapy can help too

Another way we use needles to help our migraine patients is via carboxytherapy. We inject small amounts of medical grade carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into the areas that typically hold tension, spasm and pain during a migraine attack. Targeting these trigger points and tension areas can help release tense muscles, increase blood flow to the area and improve lymphatic drainage to help flush out the toxins that could aggravate your headaches.

A bit about biopuncture 

Did you know you can use biopuncture to treat migraines? We use a mesotherapy technique to inject special biopuncture ampoules into the trapezius (shoulder) muscle as well as at the back of the neck and occipital region (the lower back part of the skull) that hold tension and spasm during a migraine attack. These ampoules include Traumeel for pain and inflammation, Spascupreel to help relieve muscle spasms and lymph-stimulating Lymphomyosot. These are delivered in varying combinations over three sessions, with a session done once a week. 

We can also deliver these solutions via a biopuncture IV infusion. Your doctor will mix the ampoules to create a custom cocktail that’s administered directly into your bloodstream via a drip. Typically, these are administered once a week for four weeks before taking a two-week break. The cycle can be repeated up to six times if necessary, but your doctor will suggest the best treatment path after a full consultation.

Don’t forget about supplements

Last but not least, don’t ever underestimate the power of good nutrition and how it can affect your health. For example, scientists have found that a vitamin B2 sufficiency and migraine headaches are linked. Studies have also found many migraine sufferers tend not to be getting enough vitamin D. 

To ensure you’re getting the optimum nutrition that can help you minimise or prevent migraines, we can help you create a customised nutraceutical “prescription”. The mainstays of migraine prevention, however, are magnesium, vitamin D, MSM with vitamin C and glutathione. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the right amounts and only point you in the direction of the very best brands. We’re so passionate about superior nutrition at Health Renewal; we even created our own line of top-quality supplements to ensure you’re getting what you need and in the correct quantity that makes all the difference. 

The bottom line 

If you’re struggling with migraines and are sick of having to take time off work and cancel fun events at the eleventh hour, make an appointment to chat with one of our doctors. There’s no need to live with the uncertainty and dread of when the next attack will strike. With the right treatment, you can be free of pain and free to make plans.

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