The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

Watching reality shows you always know there’s going to be a big reveal and it always happens when you are not watching that particular program. However, someone is always watching when you start peeling off the woolly layers that has warmed your winter comfort layer and there’s no hiding it. So, is it dieting time again? Or could there be a wonderful breakthrough that will help you realize your dreams of a sculpted body? Something that will help that muffin top or fat belly that is part of your genetic inheritance?

In spite of dieting and exercising there are always parts of your body that will not respond to all your diligent efforts and the answer has come by way of a new freezing method that is hot new news.

Cryolipo Fat Freezing

Cryolipo fat freezing is the latest in treating areas such as that abdominal fat pouch, muffin tops, saddle bags, bra bulges and those fat bulges on your knees or the bat wings from your inner arms.

This machine has two suction and cooling heads with large surface areas that are placed on the areas to be treated. The Cryolipo cooling heads generate a vacuum that temporarily decreases blood flow to the treated area, immobilizes the fat tissue at a low temperature of 0-5°C for a controlled period of time. When this is completed, the fat cells are liberated into the lymphatic system and gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolism process, in a similar method as fat from food would be eliminated.

Skin itself is not damaged, but the subcutaneous fat, which is more sensitive to targeted cold, begins a two-month destruction process. Results will become noticeable after a while and a 2-3cm loss can be expected.

Depending on the thickness of the resistant fact, one to three treatments are needed and can be repeated 45 days or two months apart, and can be used on all skin types and ages. Each treatment will take an hour or two depending on the amount of areas treated.

The cost is R3 200 for one cooling head placement which will treat one area such as the tummy and R4500 for two cooling heads that will treat two areas such as the love handles or bra bulges simultaneously.

How does it work?

The triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid at low temperatures and the area treated will eliminate fat cells and gradually reduce the thickness of the fat layer.

The procedure itself is non-invasive and you can continue with your usual routine after treatment, whether it is back to work or exercising etc. There may be some local redness and skin numbness but this will go away in a few hours.

In my book this is just about the best idea I have heard of for a long time. You can still do your post-winter diet with Body Renewal Diet to get rid of a bit more of the extra red wine that deposited itself on your hips during winter and have the added benefit of getting rid of those bulges that never seem to reduce at the same rate as the other areas where you don’t particularly want to lose a lot of weight. There’s no risk involved and the fat goes. Yeah! I knew it was just a matter of time until those clever guys that studied for years on how to make life easier for us would come up with an easy solution. Finally I will be able to get rid of that extra bit of tummy that really doesn’t have to go to a dinner party with me. Have a great summer and enjoy the sunshine.

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