The Morningside branch has moved

Take note: the Morningside branch is moving!

The reason for this is because in 18 months, we will have a newly built, MUCH bigger building, ready to open its doors and welcome clients into a new and improved version of the Morningside branch. The new building will boast 15 treatment rooms and 3 doctors rooms, which will enable us to have 3 doctors consulting at a time!

In order for the construction to continue and sculpt our new branch into a masterpiece, we have had to move into the main building, Sandton Day Hospital. Don’t worry though, our temporary home is up to Skin Renewal standard and you will still receive the same great service you were getting before. The branches move will take place over this weekend, which means that from Monday, 3rd of August, we will be fully settled and ready for you.

Rest assured, we will try our best to ensure that these developments do not affect us during trading times, so that we can focus our full attention on our clients needs and treatment times over the next couple of weeks.

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