Slender Challenge VI has begun!

The Sixth Slender Challenge started on Saturday the 30th of August, at our #Fourways, #CapeQuarter and #Umhlanga clinics across South Africa.

These 30 contestants will partake in a 12 week Body Renewal Diet programme, which is fully sponsored by Health Renewal & Body Renewal Diet, to loose their unhealthy and unwanted weight. This will enable these men & women to become thinner and healthier version of themselves, to be ready and confident when Summer arrives!

Follow their progress and daily blog on how they experience the Challenge via and visit the Slender Challenge Facebook page to support them.

If you want to follow the program yourself, please see our Body Renewal Diet webpage and contact your closest clinic if you have unwanted weight you would like to shed before Summer and the Festive season starts! We are here to help you!

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