SkinMedica no longer available in SA!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, SkinMedica will no longer be available at Skin & Body Renewal. The USA company that owns and supplies Skin Medica, unfortunately can no longer supply Southern Africa due to the exorbitant increase in pricing. There is limited stock left and we will continue to offer these products until stock runs out.

Our main concern now is to ensure that YOU are assisted in the best possible way. We would like to do our utmost to transfer you on to an alternative product range that is most suitable for your particular skin condition or for the package you are currently on.

Skin & Body Renewal stocks the top product brands known in the aesthetics business so we will most certainly be able to help you find a product that is on par with SkinMedica.

As a Skin & Body Renewal client, you are most welcome to book a complimentary skin consult with your current therapist or if you have any further concerns, please feel free to make an appointment with your prescribing Skin & Body Renewal doctor to discuss your package and your new skincare regime.

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