Skin Renewal Stellenbosch has moved

Skin Renewal’s Stellenbosch branch has relocated to a fabulous new premises - Die Boord in Saffraan Street - just across the road from its old location. “I’m very excited about our new location,” says Anneke Prinsloo, Skin Renewal’s Stellenbosch branch manager. “We can now offer our patients a world-class facility with ample space, lots of natural light and beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges.” “I love that we will be a stand-alone offering affording our clients a discrete visit with easy access. It’s the same team, the best in leading technology and medical expertise in a revamped and refreshed location”, says Prinsloo.

New and improved

The new branch is very easy to access with lots of safe parking. Aside from all that lovely natural lighting and stunning mountain views, patients can also enjoy a beautifully decorated space with a relaxing, spa-type ambience.

Anyone concerned about COVID safety will be glad to know the new premises, like all Skin Renewal’s branches, adheres to stringent COVID hygiene practices. These include taking your temperature at the door and requesting that you use the hand sanitiser and disposable shoe covers provided at the door. You’ll also be required to wear a mask and, should you arrive without one, will be given one of our own comfortable cloth face coverings.

We look forward to welcoming you

If you’re a regular visitor to our Stellenbosch branch we’re very sure you’ll be just as delighted by our gorgeous new space as we are. However, if you’ve yet to experience the professionalism, warmth and incredible results offered by our team of highly-skilled doctors and therapists, please do pay us a visit.

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