Skin Renewal Newsletter it out - Prevent Premature Ageing

July 2018 Skin Renewal Newsletter

Any farmer will tell you that the best way to look after a crop is to continually water it. A little consistent TLC will always result in a far better yield than months of neglect before a last minute panic. The theory is much the same when it comes to preventing the signs of premature ageing. If you regularly tend to your skin while you’re younger, when it’s most receptive to collagen-stimulation, you’ll have more ‘in the bank’ when you’re older.

Fortunately, at Skin Renewal, you’ll find a wide selection of non-invasive in-office treatments designed to ‘water’ your collagen supplies as well as address the first signs of ageing. These are suitable for clients of any age and, if started early, can prevent the need for something more dramatic and invasive like surgery as a last ditch effort later on.

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