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Dr Xen Ludick writes:

Many of you who have been following our newsletters over the past few months will have seen how every few months, the area of “thread lifting”, “suspension sutures” and “thread face lifting” have been areas of advancement.

I must admit that it is a very exciting time to be a Doctor in this field at the moment, especially when your passion is skin and anti-ageing therapies! For years we at Skin Renewal have made it our mission to stay ahead of the game, we strive to always launch the best-researched technology and latest non-surgical procedures, to give our patients the best possible results.

Since the introduction of threads, the advancements, upgrades and improvements within just this segment of the industry have been phenomenal to say the least.

We started off introducing simple monofilament threads for collagen induction, but this has sparked the journey right through to the launch of bi-directional threads and barbed threads and now, research and technology have once again leapt forward, with the introduction of 4D PDO threads for the lifting of the jowl and neck areas. These threads dissolve in a natural manner over a course of months, whilst synthesizing new collagen production in the treated area.

If you are someone who has considered a neck-lift or a jowl-lift, but you feel you’re too young to consider such a drastic measure, you may very well be the perfect candidate to have a 4D PDO jowl and neck lift. It’s a non-surgical procedure, that can be done is as little as 20-30mins, with significantly lower risks than having surgery. Great news is that it can be done on the same day as your consult if you so choose.

Exciting times indeed!

Yours in Skin,

Dr Xen Ludick

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