Skin Renewal celebrates 10 years in the business

Skin, Body & Health Renewal has hit double digits and is celebrating its 10th Birthday since opening its very first premises in Morningside, Johannesburg in July 2005.

The business started when Dr Maureen Allem, a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic medicine, offered clients anti-ageing treatments, reversing and preserving their facial ageing process, from her home.

It quickly became apparent that the small Morningside premises would not be able to accommodate the steady growth in the business. As her clientelle grew, Dr Allem saw an opportunity to transform a dilapidated house in Parkhurst into the ideal premesis for her aesthetics practice.

“We acquired the house in Parkhurst which took a year to renovate to suit Skin Renewal’s needs. Before the Parkhurst branch was even open we heard of a practice in Fourways that was for sale and so we snapped it up and before we knew it, we had three branches in operation,” say Allem.

The rapidly evolving aesthetics company was soon in need of a defining identity and so Skin Renewal was born.

Victor Snyders, Dr Allem’s partner, took on the role of CEO in the burgeoning business that same year - with the vision and mission to grow the company to be the best in its category.

In 2007 during a visit in Cape Town they realised that there was an opportunity to replicate what they were doing in Joburg – in Cape Town.

“We capitalised on the right opportunities that came our way. We had to quickly develop systems and processes that could effectively accommodate the fast growing business,” says Snyders. “It was at that time that we started a bursary scheme. We made it our mission to hire only the best therapists.”

As a natural progression from clients’ revitalised faces, many expressed the need for a more defined body. Body Renewal was born and splintered into two distinct areas - weight loss via a medical weight loss programme and body sculpting using the latest the latest technologies available. In 2008 the company was rebranded as Skin & Body Renewal.

This soon evolved further in the quest to offer clients the best service possible and in mid-2013 Health Renewal was established, with the understanding that anti-ageing can’t be addressed fully without a continual balanced state of internal health.

Skin, Body & Health Renewal now offers diagnostic screening, full body scanning, hormonal assessments, nutraceutical supplements, intravenous detoxification and genetic screening. It is a truly holistic anti-ageing service.

With 17 branches nationwide, Skin, Body & Health Renewal is the largest company offering holistic, anti-ageing solutions across the country.

Dr Allem works with a team of 19 medical doctors who are all united by their special interest in the holistic approach of preventing and treating the inward and outward signs of ageing. The doctors are supported by a team of 160 staff members, including 9 nurses.

Dr Allem concludes: “Our integrated approach makes this company special. There’s no other anti-ageing company in South Africa that tackles ageing and the development of self-esteem from as many facets as we do. Our continuous investment in the latest anti-ageing technologies, products and staff training, allows us to offer combination treatments, giving infinitely better results.”

During the recent CEO Sleepout initiative our CEO, Victor Snyders, was out of town and could not participate. For our 10 year anniversary we are looking beyond profits to purpose and he has decided to, in line with the CEO Sleepout initiative vision, further donate 5% of each client’s treatment bill on the 7th of July to Girls & Boys Town South Africa.

Skin, Body & Health Renewal is well positioned to continue to offer world-class treatments and programmes to its clients.

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