Newsletter is out - Your gut & antibiotics

Dr Graham Duncombe writes:

Health Renewal Newsletter: Gut Flora

At last, we feel the chill creeping in heralding the winter season. Unfortunately, that also means confined spaces, close contact with ill patients and a greater risk of colds, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Despite the best precautions taken with vitamin D3 supplements, vitamin C and zinc, one may fall ill this season, and if the fevers do not break within three days, a course of antibiotics may be required. Antibiotics play a very important role in limiting tissue damage and infectivity of illness, however, through indiscriminate and inappropriate use, the incidences of side effects and antibiotic resistance are on the rise. A high proportion of these side effects are related to the simultaneous destruction of the beneficial bacteria in the gut, during the eradication of the illness-causing germs. Our gut supports a diverse, yet finely balanced microbiome of beneficial bacteria, each living in parts of the gut and each performing critical functions, including direct communication with our brains! They control inflammation, digestion, immune responses, cravings and even our moods. When antibiotics interfere with this delicate balance, one can understand the implications.

In this month's feature, we examine the effects of antibiotics and find out how to regain the crucial balance in our gut microbiomes. We learn how to remove the opportunists and prevent life-threatening conditions such as the feared toxic mega-colon.

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