Newsletter is out - Why should you Moisturise?

Dr Marilyn Sharp writes:

Nov 2017 Skin Renewal Newsletter

The concept of moisturising is one that most people are very familiar with, but with so many products available, each promising something different, it is hard to know which one is right for you.

Moisturisers keep the skin nourished and prevent the loss of water which causes the skin to dehydrate. It also acts as a barrier against internal and external environmental factors, such as air pollution, make-up and more. The skin needs to be protected from the cold, heat, sun and wind, as well as indoor heating and cooling systems. This barrier keeps the moisture in and the harsh elements, that dry the skin, out.

This month we delve a little deeper into the concept of moisturising, what makes it necessary and what to look for when choosing your product - Why should you Moisturise?

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