Newsletter is out - Why is my hair falling out?

dr marilyn sharp

The average woman loses about 100 strands of hair a day but if you’ve been noticing more in your hairbrush lately and are worried about it, it might be time to get a little expert advice. As hair loss is such a major concern, you’ll find a slew of products promising a lush, thick head of hair but not all of them are proven or likely to work if your hair loss is caused by an underlying health concern.

For this reason, we suggest you make an appointment with a doctor at Health Renewal. They’ll be able to help you identify the reason why you’re shedding and then prescribe the right course of action, be it products and supplements you can use at home, one or several in-office treatments or, for best results, a combination of both home and in-office care.

With a targeted multi-pronged plan of attack, one should start as soon as possible, you’ll have the best chance at regaining a fuller-looking head of hair.

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