Newsletter is out - What makes Vitamin D3 important?

Dr Fred van der Riet writes:

What makes Vit D3 important?

Vitamin D can make a difference in at least 15 medical conditions yet for years doctors never paid attention to the importance of Vitamin D levels, mostly advising patients to “get a bit of sun”. Now we are aware that it lowers the mortality rate of many diseases, the question is, at what optimum blood level? There are differing opinions among experts, with the consensus being that both too much and too little can be potentially harmful.

Safe sun exposure, nutrition and certain supplements can assist you in your search for optimum Vitamin D levels, however, self-help can be dangerous. What course of action is best for you? There are different strengths and types of supplements - liquid forms, tablets or even capsules. Effective sunscreens, skin colour, diet and where you live, are all factors that are considered before a treatment plan is formulated.

Remember, nothing in the body works in isolation, your unique history and needs must be assessed to ensure you are on your way to optimal health.

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