Newsletter is out: What is Oestrogen dominance?

Dr Liesel van Schalkwyk writes:

Health Renewal Newsletter: Oestrogen Dominance

If you are feeling depressed, struggling with fatigue, insomnia, menstrual abnormalities and weight gain, you may be struggling with oestrogen dominance, a condition of excess oestrogen in relation to other hormones, especially progesterone.

It usually occurs when oestrogen levels rise too high, but it can also happen when progesterone levels drop too low. These imbalances can occur at any stage of life, during the reproductive years, perimenopause or even menopause.

Metabolic dysregulation and dietary factors largely influence the causes of oestrogen dominance. Being overweight and highly stressed can also contribute to the problem. A healthy diet and specific supplementation will help to steer the hormones in the right direction.

This month we look into the signs, symptoms and causes of this hormone imbalance: What is Oestrogen dominance?

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