Newsletter is out: Want to lose those extra kg’s?

Dr Dominique Myburgh writes:

Weight Loss

It's hard to avoid adding a few extra kilograms over the festive season and, if you're like most, the default is to panic. Cue starvations diets, detox programs and unhealthy, risky weight loss alternatives.

If the holiday season has been unkind to your waistline, then this week's edition is especially for you.

Introducing the 5D Body Renewal Diet. A fast working, healthy alternative that resets and retrains your body's metabolism, helps you eat healthily and trains you to maintain your results long after you have lost the weight.

Based on Dr Simeon's diet, in combination with the use of Bio-identical HCG injections, this program has helped thousands of our patients get back to their goal weight in a minimal amount of time.

Read more in this week's newsletter: Want to lose those extra kg ’s?

Happy New Year from all of us at the Renewal Institute!

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