Newsletter is out - Treating Adult Acne

Health Renewal Newsletter Sept 2019

When we’re in our teens, raging hormones can send our oil glands into the overdrive. Alas, pores that are clogged with oil and dead skin cells are the perfect playground for the bacteria that causes acne. Later, our oil production tends to become more regulated but, for many, that doesn’t automatically translate to spot-free skin.

Many of the patients we treat for acne at Skin and Health Renewal are adults. More often than not, when someone starts to struggle with acne in adulthood, it’s a symptom of another underlying health concern. Happily, our doctors take a holistic approach to everything they do, so they’re very experienced at getting to the root cause. When you treat the cause, you lose the symptom.

Read more in this month's newsletter: Treating Adult Acne

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