Newsletter is out - Not all IV treatments are created equal

Once you come to realise the many benefits of IV infusion therapy, it’s only natural that you’ll want one. But not so fast! Not all IV infusion treatments are created equal. Due to their excellent results, their popularity is growing and so is the number of fly by night clinics only too happy to hook you up with, well, anything really. Just a little while ago, a wellness company in the United Kingdom was forced to withdraw an IV treatment promising to improve fertility. They were charging over R5000 per treatment and yet they couldn’t produce a scrap of evidence that it worked! 

Also, whichever way you slice it, an IV infusion is still a medical procedure. If you wouldn’t trust your hairdresser to snip off a mole, why would you be happy with a skincare therapist inserting a needle into your veins? This is why it’s imperative that you only ever receive an IV infusion from a registered doctor or nurse. You’ll also want to have a full consultation with a doctor beforehand to ensure that you’re a candidate for the treatment itself. 

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