Newsletter is out - Male Skin Care

Dr Felicia Tshite writes:

June 2017 Skin Renewal Newsletter

Not too long ago most men's grooming routines consisted of a shower, shave and a splash of deodorant and aftershave on the way out (and a haircut now and then).

Thankfully, we are way beyond skincare and grooming routines only being for the metrosexual male. In fact, maintaining a youthful appearance has become as much a part of every man’s daily routine as dressing well has.

The most common issues that men struggle with are acne, acne scarring, razor bumps caused by ingrown hairs along the beard and neck area and then, of course, bushy eyebrows, nostrils, ears as well as hairy backs and necks.

This month we explore which options are available to our male patients: Male Skin Care

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