Newsletter is out - Losing your memory?

Dr Seema Maharaj writes:

Memory loss is unusual forgetfulness, problems remembering new ideas or facts or difficulty remembering past events. Any simple memory lapse doesn’t automatically imply that there is a serious memory problem. The link between old age and forgetfulness has become so cliché that it is taken for granted and few of us question why it happens.

It is important to identify symptoms that may indicate more serious memory problems because early detection and intervention provide better outcomes. Seek help if your symptoms are becoming more frequent or affecting your daily functioning. Investigation of memory loss symptoms may lead to a diagnosis of underlying medical problems which may require management. Treating reversible causes of memory loss such as nutritional deficiencies may provide resolution of symptoms.

Restoring optimal brain and gut health allows for prevention or improvement of memory loss. Positive lifestyle changes have been shown to be efficient in preventing or slowing memory problems. This can be achieved with a healthy diet, physical exercise, good sleep habits, reducing stress, supplements, brain training, socialisation and cognitive stimulation.

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