Newsletter is out - Know your Injectable treatments

Dr Shahra Sattar writes:

Aug 2017 Skin Renewal Newsletter

Doctor, I want to try aesthetic treatments, but I am scared that using Botox would make me look plastic!”. This legitimate concern is expressed by almost every patient I see, and this is always my response:

“Injectable treatments such as Botox®/Dysport® and dermal fillers should just be seen as an additional set of tools to use when preserving our appearance.”

We can use dye to cover grey hairs or braces to correct skew teeth, and we can use filler to replace volume loss or Botox®/Dysport® to smooth out wrinkles.

Injectable treatments are not an over-the-top indulgence; they are merely effective weapons in the aesthetic arsenal.

Furthermore, at Skin Renewal, we are committed to the art of subtle, but effective enhancement. Our goal is to safely inject the correct amounts to ensure a youthful and age-appropriate appearance that leaves you looking fresh, not fake.

Pop in for a comprehensive consultation where our doctors will advise the best injectable treatments for your aesthetic concerns.

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