Newsletter is out - Do you know your Skin Type?

Dr Dominique Myburgh writes:

Skin Renewal Newsletter - Skin Type

As we move into a warmer season, it's crucial to revisit the importance of knowing one's skin type and what to look out for.

Even though all skin types are different, sun damage, pigmentation, and melasma commonly occur throughout. This means, no matter your skin type, it is essential to protect your skin from the rays of the sun every day.

The diversity of the people in South Africa brings about a diverse range of skin tones. According to the Fitzpatrick Scale, there are 6 different skin types ranging from skin type 1, which is extremely fair, to skin type 6, which is very dark. Even though this scale won’t necessarily help you in finding the correct foundation colour for your skin, it is very helpful to know where you fit in, as each skin type is unique.

This month we discuss the different skin types, the challenges associated with them and the restorative or preventative treatments available for them.

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