Newsletter is out - Collagen & your Skin

A crucial protein in skin, collagen is a building block of not only skin, but hair, nails and joints too. What gives your skin it’s natural resilience and youthful bounce? Collagen! Unfortunately though, as it declines, lines and wrinkles start to appear. And that wonderful plumpness we took for granted in early life, starts to subside. But collagen does so much more than just keep us looking young. It’s thanks to collagen that our body is held together and made strong. It makes up thirty percent of the body's protein and seventy percent of the skin's protein. It’s responsible for so much! Sadly as early as 30 your collagen naturally starts to break down. Ageing together with other reasons – like lifestyle habits and even your genetics – all contribute to less and less collagen over time. However, it’s not all loss and no gain.

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