Newsletter is out - Cancer Prevention!

Dr Graham Duncombe writes:

October is breast cancer awareness month and an opportunity for us to review our risks, not only for breast cancer (which can also occur in men) but for our cancer risks in general.

At Health Renewal we approach cancer prevention and support from a holistic and integrative perspective. Each patient and their circumstances are unique and require a personalised approach, which is why we recommend beginning with risk profiling. It is vital to identify lifestyle exposure risks and to investigate inherited risks. A family history can provide some clues as to inherited conditions, but only 10% of breast cancers are genetically inherited. The remaining 90% are due to environmental exposure, either via synthetic hormones, pollutants, chemicals or chronic fungal and viral infections.

We offer painless genetic testing so you can take preventive precautions and reduce the risk of developing breast cancer at a later stage. Blood testing can also be performed to identify oestrogen dominance, toxic oestrogen accumulation and underlying chronic inflammation.

We also offer ozone therapy as a safe and effective means to improve oxygenation of the tissues and assist healthy tissues in coping with chemotherapy side effects.

Intravenous infusions of potent antioxidants, primarily glutathione and vitamin C maintain our bodies' best defences against cancerous changes in our cells and have even been demonstrated to attack and shrink tumours.

Annual cancer risk screening is an important habit, remember, prevention is always easier than cure.

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