Newsletter is out: Beat the Winter weight!

Dr Rulene Maré writes:

Beat the Winter weight!

As winter starts to draw to a close and spring is creeping up on us, many of us are realising we've put on a few extra kilograms this season. If you're like most, your default is to panic. Cue starvation diets, risky detox programs and unhealthy weight loss alternatives.

Thankfully, Renewal Institute has a solution - the 5D Body Renewal Diet. A fast working, healthy alternative that resets and retrains your body's metabolism and helps you eat healthily and maintain your results, long after you have lost the weight.

We also offer effective treatments, in conjunction with the weight loss program, to help tighten and firm your skin and further assist you in centimetre reduction so that you can fit into your summer outfits in no time!

This month, learn more about how the Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program works.

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