May 2018 Skin Newsletter | Maintain a natural look

Dr Dalize Willemse writes:


Thanks to the constant onslaught of “perfection” portrayed in the media, be it airbrushed celebrities or supermodels who’ve won the genetic lotto, we often end up with a distorted concept of beauty as well as an unrealistic idea as to what we’re “supposed” to look like.

While it’s certainly not fair, society tends to respond better to good-looking people.

And yes, we might feel more confident when we look our best, but it can be damaging to strive for a vision of unattainable physical perfection. Simply being the best version of ourselves is a much healthier approach.

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, there’s a place for everything from injectables and minor non-invasive procedures to monthly maintenance, but the key is balance if you’re to maintain a look that’s natural and “fresh”. Read more about this in our article this month.

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