New Medical Weight Loss Program!

Dr Maureen Allem writes:

body renewal weight loss

Legal compliance of medical products, treatments and programs from beginning to end is a challenge that the medical and aesthetic industries face on a regular basis. At Skin, Body & Health Renewal, this compliance is taken extremely seriously to ensure that clients and patients are only exposed to safe and legal procedures.

In this regard, after 10 years of offering a medical weight loss program and after successfully treating tens of thousands of patients to reach their goal weight, our doctors at Health Renewal have made the decision to develop our own hCG medical weight loss program - The 5D Body Renewal Diet.


Firstly, this allows control over the process from beginning to end to ensure that every single step of the way is approved by the Department of Health including the compounding of the hCG in a registered sterile compounding laboratory.

Secondly, developing our own range of supplements and protein shakes has reduced the cost of these products by cutting out the middle man, thus enabling us to pass on the saving of approximately R 300.00 directly to our patients.

The 5D Body Renewal Diet is an hCG diet and medical weight loss program, designed to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity. The supplements and shakes used in the 5D Body Renewal Diet have been formulated and tested by a team of medical doctors with over 10 years of experience in the weight loss industry and contain the most up-to-date, natural weight loss aids.

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