Loyalty Newsletter is out: February 2018

"To the world you maybe be one person, but to one person you may be the world!” Dr. Seuss may have been a best selling children’s book author, but his words speak true to all ages with wisdom and clarity. This “month of love” do not measure your worth by what happens on Valentine’s day, rather know that each day is a day to experience, share and give love in all shapes and forms.

Spoil yourself, or a loved one, with our Oasis Spa promotion that will leave your skin soft, glowing and nourished. You also receive a special take-home Spacology gift! Choose from five different Body Experiences, for only R800, and indulge in a 2-hour body scrub, wrap and massage treatment, in any of our Oasis Spa’s locations nationwide.

Earn an extra 500 loyalty points; our February survey asks questions about ageing gracefully – do you believe in the natural ageing process and allowing nature to run its course, or do you prefer putting on the brakes and maintaining a youthful appearance with a healthy skin for longer. How much do you know about the various anti-ageing treatments available we’d love to know?

Our January survey was all about weight loss, and in the results section, we share what the main areas of concern are for our patients, what holds them back to lose weight and what helped them shed those unwanted kilo’s.

Our Radiant Loyalty Programme currently has a total of 36 350loyalty members. Because you mean so much to us, we have rewarded our members with a total of R51 258 in complimentary Loyalty treatments and R227 240 discounts during January. Learn more about the Loyalty Programme.

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