June 2016 - Health Renewal Newsletter is out!

Dr Maureen Allem writes:

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With the arrival of winter, long nights and short days may lead to occasional feelings of fatigue, depression and anxiety. However, when these symptoms become chronic, necessitating anti-depressants and sleeping tablets, you need to seriously investigate further as these symptoms and mood disorders may due to a lack of quality, restorative sleep and the very prescription pills that you are taking, may aggravate non-restorative sleep. Symptoms, which might alert you to suffering from this debilitating syndrome called Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS), are insomnia and nocturia (going to toilet during the night).

Insomnia and nocturia disrupt the sleep cycle and result in one feeling unrefreshed on awakening with lingering fatigue. This very common condition called UARS affects millions of people and is due to repetitive arousals of the brain during your sleep cycle!Chronic insomnia and non-restorative sleep leads to mood disturbances such as irritability and depression, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, low immunity, inability to concentrate and problems with short term memory and focus.

At Health Renewal, we strive to isolate the causes of fatigue and insomnia in our patients and we include an overnight Sleep Study in your own home to ascertain what is actually going on during your vital sleep cycle. This is the only way we can exclude and start treating UARS and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), two prevalent Sleep Breathing Disorders (SBD).

You may ask why these two Sleep Disorders are so prevalent in modern day man that we call it an EPIDEMIC! Read this week’s fascinating newsletter to see how evolution has resulted in man's upper airway being the "Achilles Heel of the human race. The main article will also include a Youtube interview on “Malocclusion and the melting face" by Dr Mike Mew.

“Breathe well. Sleep well, Live well” - Dr Steven Park

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