June 2016 - Body Renewal Newsletter is out

Dr Dominique Myburgh writes:

hand article

Beautiful hands give us the confidence to express ourselves in any situation and are an important part of the way we communicate and present ourselves. Sadly, the hands are usually ignored in the average person’s skin care regimen and are thus a dead giveaway of our age!

While you can use daily SPF to prevent the visible signs of ageing on your hands, sadly most of the damage is already done before the age of twenty! Previously there wasn’t much you could do to counter the signs of ageing hands, but that’s all about to change…

At Skin, Body & Health Renewal, we have specially designed hand rejuvenation packages, including a variety of effective treatments such as Hyaluronic acid fillers, Limelight and Fraxel DUAL, to reverse the ageing signs of hands. Thinning skin, sun spots, rough, dry skin and a bony appearance due to volume loss are all a thing of the past.

By combining the effective treatment combinations above, we are able to reverse the signs of ageing and ensure a fresher and more youthful appearance of the hands.

The beauty about these “Granny Hand Rejuvenation” treatments is that at Skin, Body & Health Renewal, they can be “added on” to any facial rejuvenation package at a minimal cost. We know how busy you are, so add it to your facial rejuvenation treatment and save yourself precious time!

Finally, if you are embarrassed about your clammy palms due to excessive perspiration, botulinum toxin is available to alleviate it. The results take between a week and ten days to work and the effects last for up to 8 months! When we do botulinum toxin we try to take the “ouch” factor out of the treatment, so we prescribe pain medication to take the day and night before and on the day of the treatment. Ask you attending Doctor about this.

At Skin, Body & Health Renewal we also are on the lookout for underlying causes. If you suffer from this, please go to these two web pages Upper Airway Resistant Syndrome (UARS) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) to read more about these debilitating sleep breathing disorders.

Read all about our Granny hand rejuvenation treatments in this month’s Body Renewal Newsletter!

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