CPAP Devices now available at Sleep Renewal!

The results of untreated sleep apnea are many and vary from sleepiness throughout the day, preventing daytime functioning, to an increased incidence of cardiovascular conditions such as:

  • hypertension (up to 90% of sleep apnea patients have hypertension),
  • myocardial infarction,
  • Stroke.

Not only are we able to diagnose Sleep Apnea through home-based sleep studies, but are now also able to supply you with the right tools to improve your quality of sleep and assist in reducing daytime sleepiness. CPAP Devices are now available at Fourways, Cape Quarter

Benefits of using a CPAP device;

  1. CPAP helps the heart to heal
  2. CPAP is Decreasing Daytime Sleepiness
  3. CPAP Improves memory and cognitive functions
  4. CPAP is improving the time spent in deep sleep
  5. CPAP can treat hypertension in sleep apnea patients
  6. CPAP Prevents the Risk for Myocardial Infarction
  7. CPAP Prevents the Risk for Diabetes
  8. CPAP Helps Control GERD
  9. CPAP Prevents Excessive Urination in the Night
  10. CPAP Helps Improving the Depression Symptoms
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