April 2016 - Health Renewal Newsletter is out!

Dr Burt Jooste writes:

Health Renewal: Sexual Dysfunction

Call them what you like, but love, money and sex make the world go round! They can make you feel great or they can make you really despondent when there’s a lack of these essential elements in your life.

For the love and money part, you are on your own, but fortunately at Health Renewal Clinics, there are various treatment options to restore your zest for life in the sexual dysfunction department. Once the cause has been established, there are various therapeutic options that can be considered.

In this newsletter, we have very good news for all the guys out there. There is hope for all of you, because at Health Renewal we have a variety of safe and sustainable treatments that will enable you to get back on track and restore your confidence in no time at all.

Sexual dysfunction is a very real and treatable condition. The stressful lives we live today, combined with the sub-optimal nutrition from food, on-going free radical exposure from toxins, pollutants and chemicals, as well as chronic low-grade inflammation, especially from sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, make it the perfect recipe to start decreasing male Testosterone levels prematurely. The sooner we start identifying possible shortfalls and deficiencies in our bodies, the sooner we can prevent erectile dysfunction and associated chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and various cancers.

When it comes to preventative measures, it is imperative for men to identify and speak to a Functional Doctor regarding erectile dysfunction. What is not commonly known is that erectile dysfunction and heart disease share various risk factors. Erectile dysfunction often precedes certain cardiovascular events like a heart attack or a stroke by 2-5 years and can, therefore, act as an early warning sign for heart disease.

So come on guys, pop into a Health Renewal clinic and let us make sure you are in overall good health. Let's optimize your body and ensure health and longevity.

Who knows, it might even save your life…

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